Hvem er jeg?

Kommer. Kanskje. 


Walking through the halls of high schools is quite similar to walking through a battle field. You are never quite sure what you will find lying around the bend. Everyone seems to be thinner, taller, blonder, prettier, and tanner than you. They all seem to be having the time of their lives despite the educational setting. They all seem to have the most friends and the most people to say hello to walking through the halls.

Well, life isn?t what it seems. Most of those people just surround themselves with others because they are too deathly scared to be alone. They are so scared that they aren?t really friends, they just pretend because without those people they would be nothing. They hurt just like you do. They notice the imperfections in their own faces as well even though your eyes cannot see them. They notice how the girl next to them is taller and thinner even though you don?t. Maybe sometimes it?s what you don?t see that makes you more alike than you?ll ever know.

bye bye bloggen

Takk for mailer, kik meldinger, headere, anbefalinger og fiine kommentarer! Men slapp av, bloggen slettes ikke, så hvem vet? Kanskje jeg kommer tilbake:)

Om dere vil fortsette å følge meg, kan dere jo følge meg på Instagram, Martinelp. 

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